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Enthusiastic (change) manager and team leader in higher education, with a background in the service industry (marketing and communication). Pragmatist and problem solver who knows the processes and regulations, and keeps hold of the strategic direction. Warm personality and good listener with the ability to guide a team. Special affinity with international-, intercultural- and english spoken education, student guidance, acquisition and communication.


Please feel free to download my CV below and have some pleasant conversation with Mon Ami. If you want to discuss any needs for an interim position, don't hesitate to contact me.






Let me introduce you to Mon Ami, my little friend who is always willing to give you more information about my professional and personal life. You can ask her anything you like and she will respond to her best ability. 

If you prefer to talk to Mon Ami in person, you can do so by calling 

+1 802-449-6954.